The Chelsea and Walker woman is effortlessly chic with a European sensibility and embraces both her femininity and masculinity in style. She is confident, strong, and not defined by the norm.

Chelsea and Walker is for those not searching to fit a mold. Using fine silks, intricate detailing and flattering silhouettes, our focus is creating from inspiration. We understand that each piece within a collection is interpreted differently by those that wear it and we design to give each piece the versatility and luxury it needs to stand on its own.

Breaking the boundaries of contemporary fashion, we strive to offer our wearers the subtle balance between the expected and unexpected, while also disrupting the need to define today’s modern woman into one dimension.

The aesthetic of Chelsea and Walker is signature of Creative Director, Jackie Yang, who shares, “I look at something and think, ‘how can I make it better?’ There is no right or wrong. It’s finding the balance of virtues. There is an element of androgyny to my designs which stems from my personal and creative mindset. The idea is erasing what is expected and focusing on what is most effective.”

Expectations do not dictate how we design or who we are as a brand. We aren’t looking to define ourselves since Chelsea and Walker is ever evolving, just like the women that wear it.