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Be You, Be CW

The Perfect In Between:
5 Ways to Rock Your Cargos

Cargo pants easily adapt to any situation or mood

Cargo pants have come a long way. Originally designed for British Soldiers in battle, the rugged slacks with abundant pockets crossed the pond during World War II. Since that time, cargo pants have become the go-to article of clothing for everyone from EMTs to outdoor enthusiasts to people who just like to carry a lot of stuff. Now cargo pants have infiltrated the runway and evolved into something women want to wear, well, everywhere. Our military green Turlington Silk Cargo Pant is not only fashion forward, it’s luxurious, made from 100% percent Silk Fuji. Thanks to oversized pockets and a paper bag waistband with double ties, these
cargos are both functional and versatile. The cropped length makes these pants perfect as the hot summer days ease into the cooling autumn while zippers allow you to make the pant legs wider or slimmer. Here are just a few ways you can wear – and wow in – the Turlington Silk Cargo Pant.

Out on the Town

Laurent Mesh Ruffle Cami

Cargo pants can be alluring date-night wear if worn the right way. Show a little shoulder in the delicate Laurent Mesh Ruffle Cami worn over a black push-up bra. Zip up the cargo pant legs for a tapered look. Accessorize with dangly earrings and strappy heeled sandals. Your date won’t know what hit ‘em.

Party Like It’s 1999

On your next girls’ night out, pay homage to all things ‘90s by wearing your cargo pants unzipped for a wider leg profile and low on the hips. Pair with the edgy, asymmetrical Donna Clamp Cami that zips up from behind (talk about bringing sexy back!). Add oversized gold statement hoop earrings and chunky mule sandals for a touch of urban sass and sophistication. If there’s a chill in the air, wear a distressed denim jacket. Now all you need are some vintage ‘90s tunes like TLC, Christina Aguilera, and Lauryn Hill so you can get your dance party on.

Like an All-Star

 Like an All-Star

Channel Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw with this sporty, Tomboy look. Give new life to a vintage 3/4 sleeve baseball T-shirt (the older, the more faded, the better) by wearing it atop your cargos, legs unzipped. Complete the look with a pair of broken-in Chuck Taylors and a perky ponytail and bring along our lightweight Rose Jacquard Jacket along in case the Mercury dips. If an impromptu ball game breaks out, you’ll be ready.

Get Cozy

When autumnal weather arrives, you don’t have to pack up your cargos and send them to fashion purgatory until springtime. Keep yourself warm up top and your cargo pants will endure through the fall season. For an afternoon of leaf peeping, layer the ruffled, spaghettistrapped Aruba Tank with the Christy Silk Cargo Jacket. A pair of edgy Doc Martens bring a bit of toughness and color balance to this matchy-matchy feminine look.

So Profesh

Cage Silk Clamp Top

You will be the envy of your office on casual Friday in this outfit. Start with a smart blouse like our Cage Silk Clamp Top in Shell. Add calf leather pointy toe pumps from Manolo Blahnik to look like you mean business. Pack all your work essentials in a roomy but anything-but-boring bag like Coach’s Rogue Tote with Whipstitch Handle.